GD Solar is a leading developer of solar plants dedicated to distributed generation in Brazil. The company operates in all phases of the business, from the execution of the project to the implementation and operation of the farms.

With more than 285 MW in contracts, with large Brazilian corporations, and a project pipeline of up to 1 GW, currently GD Solar has eleven plants in operation.


Renewable Energy Generated (2018)53 MW

Greenhouse Gas Reduction (2018)
517 tCO2/MWh



Odontoclinic is the leading company in dental treatments in Brazil with more than 170 clinics in 16 states, offering dental services with an excellent cost-benefit.

Odontoclinc acts in all areas of dentistry:


During its 18 years of operation, it has attended more than 1,500,000 patients, with 2,550 dentists, performing over 9 thousand appointments per day, approximately 2.1 million appointments per year.


Individuals Provided New Access (2017) -  1.140.398 Patients

Healthcare Facilities (2017) - 170 Clinics



GD Solar CV

Ricardo Costa – CEO - Founded Service Energy, an energy trading company, in 1999. He is a specialist in strategic planning, energy buy & sale, energy generation projects implementation and energy regulatory framework for large clients, such as, Telefonica, Oi, Claro, CMPC and others, which together generate energy purchase contracts in the order of R$ 3.6 billion/year. Ricardo also coordinated the construction of three SHP's (Small Hydro Plants) property of Service Energy, and took part of Ministry of Mines and Energy commissions for the modeling of incentivized energy rules. Before acting in the energy sector, Ricardo founded Algraph, an engineering company dedicated to industrial, corporate and infrastructure projects. Ricardo majored in civil engineering by Escola Politécnica de São Paulo (USP).


Odontoclinic CV

Carlos Leão - Co-CEO – Odontoclinic - Carlos is one of the founding partners of Bravia Capital and member of the Investment Committee. Currently is the CEO of Odontoclinic. Before, Carlos has worked for more than 12 years in PE & VC industries, holding senior positions in Bank of America and Semco Group, where he was responsible for the development of new ventures. Carlos was also a founding partner and Executive Director at Brenco and Geodex. He began his career at the investment banking divisions of Patrimonio and Banco Pactual in Brazil. Carlos graduated in Business Administration from the FGV

Roberto Junqueira - Co-CEO – Odontoclinic - Roberto is one of the founding partners of Bravia Capital and member of the Investment Committee. He was member of the board of Directors of Tarpon Investment Group and Copasa, and currently holds the same position at Odontoclinic. From 2005 to 2009. Roberto worked for Tarpon as an investment officer, managing director and after as CFO of Direcional Engenharia, a Tarpon portfolio company. Bachelor in Business Administration at FGV, concluded the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School